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Companies of all sizes can claim R&D Tax Credits.
The size of your business will determine which R&D Tax Credits scheme you are eligible for and ultimately what proportion of your spend you can claim back, but every business registered in the UK is eligible.

Eligible R&D activities:

  • Overcoming technical challenges
  • Creating and testing prototypes
  • Streamlining processes
  • Trialling new or substituting materials
  • Developing bespoke software
  • Trial and error
  • Industry firsts
R&D Tax Credits are a very niche part of the UK tax code that could bring your company thousands of pounds in tax relief.

Research and development occurs across a wide range of sectors and industries, and in companies of all sizes. These range from intensive R&D industries that rely heavily on R&D projects like pharmaceuticals, life sciences, automotive, software and technology to areas like food and drink. R&D also plays a major role in the construction industry, in particular in manufacturing and engineering.

Initial claims can go back two years from the company’s financial year-end.
If the development costs are included in the accounts of a limited company in the UK, then sub-contracted development activities may qualify.
Yes. The scheme allows loss-making organisations to ‘surrender’ R&D tax losses for cash, or to be carried forward against future profits.
This is a scheme that rewards endeavour as well as success. If a qualifying project is not successful due to technical failure or because it becomes commercially unviable, the costs incurred may still be included in a claim.
Once your claim has been submitted, we actively manage the process through to you receiving the refund or other tax benefit. HMRC is committed to processing claims promptly. In our experience, HMRC normally processes claims within eight weeks.

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